• PC Middle School/High School Program

    BTGCP is a comprehensive program that combines Academics, Life skills, and Basketball skills development. We provide positive coaching and mentorship to empower young athletes. This program offers Basketball Training, Flag Football Development, Health & Wellness, Leadership Development and there's Social Skills component of the program. The BTGCP’s goal is to grow our players outside the lines to stimulate their critical thinking and to show leadership in their community. 


    BTGC Sneakers Lace-Up Program

    Our Mission for the BTGC Sneaker Lace Up Program is to help kids wear the proper sneakers while they're playing hoops indoors and outdoors. The goal is for each program year to provide 60 pairs of sneakers for boys and girls who attend our BTGC basketball program. We strive for our BTGC sneakers to be comfortable, durable, and affordable for our kids.